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    I'm running Resin 1.2.1(Caucho) as jsp/servlet runner and weblogic 5.1 as application server.

    How can i disable dynamic loading of stubs ?


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    What do you mean by dynamic loading of stubs?

    If you have a remote client that performs an InitialContext.lookup(...) on WLS, the client will download the naming object over the protocol that you specified on the remote client -- either t3, t3s, http, https, or iiop. If you call home.create or anything that returns a remote stub, WLS will load the class files for the remote stub, remote stub implementation, and home stub implementation by performing HTTP requests for those files. You can actually confirm this by looking at the access.log.

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    Extending Tyler's question, may I know WHY you want to stop dynamic downloading of stubs?

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    I think you can stop dynamic downloading of stubs if you provide the stub classes in the classpath of your client. I know that is true for RMI. Please correct me if anyone thinks I am wrong.