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News: AjaxFaces 1.0 released

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    CyberXP.NET has released AjaxFaces, an easy, general and complete integration solution for JavaServer Faces and Ajax. This solution makes any JavaServer Faces UI component Ajaxable: either trigger Ajax process or change user interface using the output from Ajax process.

    The CyberXP.NET AjaxFaces Components also provide various user-interface components with built-in functionality - such as trees, and calendars - that can be customized and re-used in your application. Some of these components have built-in Ajax functionality.

    A fully functional evaluation version of AjaxFaces 1.0 is available for download.

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    It would be nice if there was a live demo on site. Instead of just screen shots. After all it's the dynamic and fluid nature of AJAX that would make such a product appealing.

    Reproducing Swing widgets is a nice approach.
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    Please try ajaxfaces_demo.war under directory ajaxfaces-1_0/samples/. You will get the same results as the screen shots from ajaxfaces_demo web application. The demo pages include: /myjsf/ajaxfaces_demo.cxp, /myjsf/tree.cxp, /myjsf/calendar.cxp, /myjsf/tabbedpane.cxp etc.