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    I have got a SWING application to load test.
    I am still looking for a good functional testing tool, Marathon or QFS (the first is free and its script language is high level, the second must be buy but has a great working capture/replay feature).

    Anyway, how do you feel about load testing a J2EE system through heavy SWING clients.
    Your help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Use Jmeter / ab[ Go to top ]

    C:\Apache\Apache Group\Apache2\bin\ab.exe a very simple utility to do load testing and is free.

    There is a product called JMeter which you can use but truely speaking I never impressed with that
  3. Sorry for broken english, Sir.
    By "How do you feel with that", I mean, what is the recommended way of doing that.
    What is the smartest way to start 200 SWING clients to do request to the JBoss server, and evaluate the system performance. I know this can sound strange but I will have to do it.
  4. OOPS[ Go to top ]

    Starting 200 SWING client is it self an imaginary situation.
    I am hopeless about how it will do a load testing of JBoss
  5. Apache JMeter[ Go to top ]

    Yes I heard also that Apache JMeter (http://jakarta.apache.org/jmeter/index.html) help you in testing performance.
  6. Try to explain[ Go to top ]

    The case needs to be described:
    - The client is a SWING app.
    - The server is JBoss.
    - There is no "easy" way to simulate Swing user by sending messages/requests to JBoss.

    Conclusion: We have to really start hundred of SWING clients to know how the server will react.
    What I am looking for is a tool (with agents distributed across network), and it could manipulate all these SWING apps, following preset scenarios, and give metrics about Server response time.

    So I know JMeter, but it won t manage my SWING clients.
    That was the big picture.
    Comments are welcome.
  7. At the end of the day[ Go to top ]

    It is all peer to peer connection.
    As I can understand you have a situation of having 200 user who will be using your swing client.
    Now you are expecting a tool which you can use to control all the swing applications let say running in 200 different m/c.

    Oh God help Denis