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    Hi Friends,
    i've an interview in a week.My Focus is mainly on EJB.So Can u give me some questions on which & how to prepare for.,
    Any reponse would be appreciated..

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    Hi Pooja,

    In the interviews i faced, i got qns from these areas..

    multi-threading issues in EJB (like can we do multi-threaded programming in beans..?)
    Diff bet entity and session bean (when to use session and entity..?)
    Passivation and Activation.
    Persistance in entity beans

    They will ask more on wht we done with beans in our previous project..

    Hope this helps..

    All the Best..!

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    Hi Pooja

    Well since your interview focuss is specially on EJBeans.In EJB the questions are quite common questions.Here are few...

    1)How can u use a connection pool with the Bean Managed Persistence bean.??

    2)Why do u need a remote interface??

    3)Name differnt typed of transaction mechanism and arrange themin the order of there priority

    4)How do you use the connection pool of your application server with the servlets.(not from EJB i know )

    Well that's all from my side and wish you all the best

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    Hi Saran & Vipin ,
    Thanks for u'r response.Can i expect some more questions from all of u.
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    By the way i need questions on Servlets,JSP,JDBC,JAVASCript also.Can some one provide me!!!!!
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    well pooja my email address is vipinporwal at hotmail dot com.
    if u feel comfortable Mail me down there i can reply there cause i just cant logon to the site again and again

    Neways wish u all the best