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News: JMX Best Practices available from

  1. From Eamonn McManus' blog, the JMX page at now has a "best practices" page, covering this such as naming your MBeans, basics on how to choose the different types of MBeans, complex data types, evolving MBean interfaces, using notifications, and a warning about the use of large data values.

    JMX is a core technology for J2EE 1.4 and has been integrated into J2SE 5 as well, making it a management facility that has common and broad availability. However, it still seems to be somewhat of a "black art" for many developers. Documents like this might change that somewhat.

    Are you using it today? If so, how? Do you feel like you're using it well? Why or why not? The JMX group is asking for feedback on the "best practices" (email jmx-spec-comments at sun dot com with anything you have) so this is a good chance to make your voice heard.
  2. Interesting article.
    But I wonder if somebodyelse got an outofmemory exception (described in the article) when using jmx notifications with large data in the user data. For the moment I use this to transfer data from one system to another system. I never got an outofmemory exception. I transfer +-500000 bytes in each notification to more clients. I tried it also with more and I didn't get an exception.
  3. great