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    I am designing an application with the foll features:

    - a total of around 10 users could grow in to 200 at the most in 2-3 years

    - it is an alert viewing application for viewing alerts generated on stock exchange trades

    - user sits in front on screen seeing list of alerts, when there is an alert, edits the informaiton and saves it

    - a graph utlity to draw graphs of the movement of trade prices may be necessary

    - this can easliy be a thin client because there is no heavy duty operations to be done like drawing etc

    - however, (1) sessions are needed to be maintained all day long (2) a push model is needed where new alerts have to be pushed to the client whenever they are generated

    should I use thick clients ot hin clients for this ?
    If thick clients what is better - RMI or http?

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    A similar question has been asked there... Could be a starting point for an answer to your specific use case.

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    It is better to have both. Rich client in intranet and desktop, amd thin cleint over internet.