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    can any body tell me how do we fetch data from the database which starts from any character
    How Like operator works in EJBQL
    i want to find some records which starts from some character so how can i fetch them


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    Hello Vikas

    A normal EJB-QL statement looks like that:
    select OBJECT(a) from schema a where a.recordName like ?1

    as far as I know, you can't use wild-cards in EJB-QL but you can use it in the parameter of your finder-method:

    Call of finder-method in your client-class (or wherever):

    Collection collection = beanInstance.findByRecordNamePattern("A%");

    it finds all records that begin with 'A'

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    as i know by the standards of ejbql it is not possible.
    some containers like weblogic allows to write this kind of queries but no idea about orion
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    Thanks for your views
    but how can i implement this because if i use through parameter in orion it is not possible to pass from parameter if i will do in such a manner then i will create exception
    so can any one tell me how to solve this problem

    thanks in advance
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    How many rows you have in the table?
    Conceptually you should use a finder to filter most and write the like logic in the middlewar? If you have a million then my friend this will be a killer in the first time.

    Try your luck with this kind of query in Orion.

          <description>find the all the accounts with account type</description>
          <weblogic-ql><![CDATA[SELECT OBJECT(a) FROM AccountsBean AS a WHERE a.accountType LIKE ?1]]></weblogic-ql>
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    Hello sir,
    that you very much for my help
    and yeah i know it works exactly in weblogic but if we talk about orion or JDeveloper then it didnt works so tell me how to solve it in JDeveloper so that i can solve it
    thanks in advance