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    We have planning to replace the message queue for the application in our company. We are planning to use JBossMQ messaging. We are suppose to send and receive message into JBossMQ message Queue using C language since the business logic is written in C. We have considered the following options.

    1. Use REST API's to talk with message queue.

    2. The C libraies can be used to send and receive http get and post requests and the server side logic can read/write into message queue.

    3. Use JNI to talk with message queue.

    4. I read like each application server has its own C/C++ interface API's for message queues. I googled for JBossMQ C interface API's and couldn't find any C interface API's.

    what are the other options available to communicate with message Queue? which of the above is the best option? Please post your expereinces with c program talking with message queues.
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    I'd recommend ActiveMQ as its a much better and faster JMS provider with more features.

    We currently have a number of different options for connecting C code to ActiveMQ.
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    I’d also recommend MantaRay, it has a C++ API (JMS like) as well as PHP API (PHPMQ), based on a peer-to-peer architecture, gets to hundreds of thousands of persistent messages per second in a many-to-many nodes configuration.

    .NET API is available as a beta, will be released GA soon.

    Please email me if you need additional information.