Compare XSL-FO and Jasper for PDF, XLS, RTF Reports


XML & Web services: Compare XSL-FO and Jasper for PDF, XLS, RTF Reports

  1. I am considering whether to use XSL-FO or Jasper for creating reports in PDF,XSL,RTF formats for my project. I will probably churn out the reports from java servlets.

    Question 1:
    iReport is an excellent FREE tool to design the jasper reports. However, I could not find a similar tool for XSL-FO, a tool that allows me to drag and drop components and which can create the .FO file for me. Understanding the tags will be time-consuming. Can anyone recommend a "FREE" tool that can perform the tasks similar to iReport for XSL-FO?

    Question 2:
    Has anyone done comparison between XSL-FO & Jasper in terms of performance, ease of report design, output formats supported, features, integration into J2EE applications? If so, please reply.

  2. Hello;

    Take a look at - it can do all of this for you and you design the report in your Word Processor.

    thanks - dave
  3. I too faced with similar situation of whether to use XSL:FO or Jasper, for Receipts and Report printing needs in web based applications.

    For your Question 1:
    >>> I guess FOA (Formatting Objects Authoring tool) does the same job for XSL:FO as iReport does for Jasper.
    FOA is free tool:

    I have no idea for your Question 2:
    Have you got any clues for this?

    Question 3:
    To me XSL:FO and Jasper appear to be doing exactly the same job. Any Ideas when to choose XSL:FO and when Jasper? I mean any advantages/disadvantage of one over the other?
  4. I think it’s important to note that Jasper and xsl-fo fit two different business models: 1) reporting (jasper) 2) document production (xsl-fo) Jasper is not good at precise document pagination control whereas xsl-fo is.
  5. There is also another solution[ Go to top ]

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