Free EJB book: "Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans" available!


News: Free EJB book: "Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans" available!

  1. I've made my best-selling book on EJB and J2EE available for free download off Click on 'Resources' to get it.

    Thoughts on the book? Comments? Feel free to reply and voice your opinion!


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  2. This book is exceptional![ Go to top ]

    I've mastered EJB with Mastering Enterprise Java Beans. Not only is this book highly educational, but is fun and easy reading as well. Ed is very good at conveying his thoughts to the user in a manner which is easy to understand and fully supported by a ton of UML.

    I give this book a 10 of 10. If your thinking about learning EJB or would like to learn about architecting enterprise application using the Java language, this book should be your first read.

  3. I have found Ed's Mastering EJB to be not only an essential reference, but an essential learning guide. He runs through the concepts clearly and coherently.

    Needless to say, my copy is well-thumbed.
  4. Can't download[ Go to top ]

    I can't find "Resources", and I need this book because it's very good.
  5. I realize it may be too much to ask for the source when you are giving your book away, but I will ask anyway - is there some link to the code because I don't have access to the CDROM which contains it with the printed version.

    Sheldon Wosnick
  6. Would it be too much to ask you to update
    the download PDF to include the Index.
    I suspect this was an oversight?

  7. Ok[ Go to top ]

    Source code and a book index will appear shortly.

  8. I notice that your new download ( the viewable book in PDF with the newly added index. Is the source code available yet and if so where I can get it?

     - Sheldon Wosnick
       IBM Toronto Lab
  9. I want get item
  10. Cannot download![ Go to top ]

    I was unable to download the book. I was asked to login, and I did (my id is gxut). After a welcome message appeared, I clicked on the "Resources" botton, and then the bool title. But it askek me again to login,... and then the it kept repeating the process. What should I do?
    -- appreciated!

  11. Re: Cannot download![ Go to top ]

    I had the same problem using Netscape Communicator 4.5

    When I used Internet Explorer 5.0 (help), I could download the book without any problem.
    When you log in, Explorer asks if it has to remember the pasword. Click yes and you can enter the book download area.

    Good luck,

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  13. unable to download[ Go to top ]

    Unsuccessfully I am trying to download the book and even though I logged in, it still promts me to login again and again, as I am not log in.

    any help!!!

  14. Book misses key points[ Go to top ]

    Object to relational mapping in the context of inheritance and many-to-many relationships is conspicuously missing from the book and the 'real world' example shown is too simple. i.e . Not real world at all.

    Someone needs to write a book on the different object-relational mapping methods and their decision points on when to use which one. i.e. When data model exists and is fully normalized, when you have total control over the data model, yadda yadda.
  15. I m unable to download this book.
    Pls send me help regarding same .
    Thanx .
  16. Possible Erratum?[ Go to top ]

    Thanks again for making this book available. I've been working through it slowly and am trying to figure a way to actually implement something with it.

    I haven't noticed mention of about typos in the book. I may have found one that you've already noticed and done something about.

    In table 4.1 on page 90, are the labels on the columns for stateful and stateless beans reversed? If not, I need to go back and read the text a third time to try to get them to make sense.

    Thanks again!

  17. Possible Erratum?[ Go to top ]

    In table 4.1 on page 90, are the labels on the columns for stateful and stateless beans reversed?
  18. Possible Erratum?[ Go to top ]

    Yes, you are correct.The coloumn titles are indeed reversed.

    Kumar From Pune,India.
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  20. Help[ Go to top ]

    where can i find the link for ed romans mater enterprie javabeans, i am not able to find it in rources.can anyone please give me the url. Thanks.
  21. Ed,

    First, let me say I think the book(2nd Edition) is great!

    Is there a new/updated list of requirements for running the source
    code? I just spent the last few days messing with my env
    getting JBoss/HelloWorld going using an out of date set of instructions.

    Your instructions say use BEA 6.1. I went to BEA and found only
    the following choices:
    WebLogic Server 8.1 with SP1
    WebLogic Server 8.1
    WebLogic Server 7.0 with SP2
    WebLogic Server 7.0 with SP1

    I'd rather not go down the path only to find the code/env wont
    work with 7.0 or 8.1

    "... It takes a good developer many hours to get up-and-running with
    EJB with no assistance.
    3) Download a copy of BEA Weblogic Server 6.1 from

    The env.bat indicates:
    jndi 1.2.1

    My Current Env is
    %JAVA_HOME% jdk1.4.1_03
    %ANT_HOME% apache-ant-1.5.3-1
    %JBOSS_HOME% jboss-3.2.1_tomcat-4.1.24
    Windows XP Pro

  22. Best For job interviews. I have got the job offer in many places after reading and working on examples of the book. Landed on Bank Of America!
  23. Ed,

    I think you have done a fabulous job on your second edition. This book explains the concepts of EJB in precise detail such that even novices to the subject can understand.

    I particularly liked how you touched the different concepts like JNDI, RMI-IIOP, etc just enough to help us move on with the EJB concepts.

    I did have some problems with the source code in the book, but nothing I could not solve myself after careful review of the concepts. I have to agree that the table 4.1 threw me off for sometime as the headers were interchanged incorrectly in the book. Other than that, overall, I was very happy with the layout of the concepts in the book.
  24. I can'nt find the "Resources" to click. Where can I find the download page?

  25. Can't download "Mastering ejb"[ Go to top ]

    Well i cannot find the resource to click

    How can i download this book

    please reply me as soon as possible
  26. Where is the accompanying source code of Mastering EJB? How to get it?

  27. Where is the Resources link???[ Go to top ]

    Can some body tell me where the Resources link is???
  28. I have read so many books filling pages with all kind of "code crap" , this and that but your book is exceptional in explaining in a very precise manner. I was really having good time reading your Transaction section on the book. It was fun to read. You made it look so simple and easy. I really think, everything in the world is simple , it is "complex peaple" makes everything complex.

    Thanks for making us masters of EJB. :)
  29. Where is the Resources link???[ Go to top ]

    find the books at-
    have nice reading
  30. cannot download[ Go to top ]

    sorry, can anyone tell me where is the resource link, i cant see it.
  31. resources link[ Go to top ]

    I can't find the Resources Link
  32. I am not able to find out the Resource buutom to download "Mastering EJB" book.Please help me out.

  33. 'Resources'???[ Go to top ]

    Cannot find 'Resources' link.
  34. Hello, Ed.
    I guess it's not justified to use object of class Vector as resizable array in because this class requires synchronized access to all of its methods. From performance point of view it would be better to use ArrayList instead.
    With best regards.
  35. hello everyone out here...
    i found it that everyone gets into trouble about finding where to download the "Edroman : Mastering EJB" i am sending the link from where i downloaded it from!

    click n enjoy:
  36. Resousrces for Masering EJB[ Go to top ]

    The Resources:
  37. Diagrams in book[ Go to top ]

    Is there a way to purchase the pdf version of this book??? I want to be able to print out the various diagrams in the book which I think are very helpful.