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News: Sourcelabs creates wiki for open projects

  1. Sourcelabs creates wiki for open projects (4 messages)

    Swik, a free wiki for tracking open source projects, has been put online by Sourcelabs. It's a collection of topics on given projects, updated by anyone with interest.

    It supports the use of tags for easy categorization of projects, and it also has the ability to aggregate RSS feeds for each project.

    Creating a project in Swik is trivial: create a link to, for example, - and the project is created for update or modification by anyone.

    The open-ended nature may cause problems, however. One example of potential problems can be found at Geronimo's entry, where a mailing list's RSS feed seems to have been added to the wiki.

    However, such open-ended wikis have been successful in the past (the Wikipedia is an excellent example, even with contentious elements in it), so with participation and good intentions, this might be an excellent resource.

    What do you think?

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    I've tried the site and it's kool that the individuals can edit and update the list. One suggestion I would make is the search engine. It only works if the name matches an exact project.

    For example, if I search for "Ajax" or "ajax" it finds all projects that have the word/words ajax in the description but if I search for the term say "aja" it comes up with nothing.

    Maybe you need to loosen up the serch criteria to display "LIKE" characters... LIKE "%aja%" instead of = "aja"

    Venkatt Guhesan
    Aveda Technology
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    Thanks for the suggestion!

    We are working to modify our search behavior and hopefully your searching problems will be cleared up when we roll out an improved search page.

    Alex Bosworth
    Program Manager
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    I really appreciate the license shown immediately in search results. Why not adding programming language and operating system, too?
  5. Check out OSZone also[ Go to top ]

    The Open Source Zone is similar in scope to Swik. Extra features are reviews, books, pages for conferences and OSS-oriented companies.