Hi all,
My program has a login.jsp page and a loginForm which contains validation of login form
and gives errors fine. when validation is success it goes to details.jsp (login.do)
and there is detailsForm to check validation. details.jsp (login.do) shows some fields
that I can change them, if any one of them is empty it should makes error, I see it
 goes into detailsForm but returns to the first page login.do with an error :
"User Name is required." instead of "address is required" in details.jsp.
   parameter="method"> <!-- for lookupDispatchAction -->
 <forward name="success" path="/pages/details2.jsp" />
 <forward name="successInCalc" path="/pages/details.jsp" />

public class DetailsForm extends ActionForm{

private String address1;
private String address2;

public ActionErrors validate(
ActionMapping mapping,
HttpServletRequest request)

System.out.println("validating DetailsForm ...");
ActionErrors errors = new ActionErrors();

if (address1== null || address1.length() < 1)
errors.add("address1", new ActionError("errors.required", " Address 1"));

if (address2== null || address2.length() < 1)
errors.add("address2", new ActionError("errors.required", "Address 2"));
System.out.println("validating address2...");


setter & getter methods...

Tkanks for any help.