File format coversionn of audio and video files


General J2EE: File format coversionn of audio and video files

  1. Hi,
    I am working on an application for format conversion of files, be it audio or video files. I tried the code given in JMF at, but I could only succeed in converting .wav files to .mp3 files. I have till date been unable to convert any video files from one format to another. I might be missing out on certain assumptions as to which files can be converted to the required format or not. Kindly give some sample code if anyody has any and also any suggestions please so that I can fulfill the requirement.
    Also kindly suggest a possible algorithm for the problem.

  2. Hi, I am writing here and hope for providing useful information for you.

    Would you mind using a program to convert audio and videos files, but not writing code? I have succeeded in copying mp3 from iTunes videos by a recorder. Perhaps you could also have a try to convert video and audio by its audio converter function.