Any feedback on jproductivity or other licensing libraries?


General J2EE: Any feedback on jproductivity or other licensing libraries?

  1. Hi;

    Does anyone here have any experience with If so what did you think?

    Also, can anyone recomend a good licensing library. We want to make sure we get paid for each server in use - but cause as little hassle to our customers as possible.

    thanks - dave

    ps - anyone looking for a good .NET licensing solution - appears to be really good.
  2. Protection! is Great, Easy, Powerful and Extremely Flexible

    It is very difficult to find Java based solution that Protection! would not be able to tightly secure while provide extremely flexible and variety of licensing models. We have been using it in my company for a while now and was able not only implement security schema and licensing solution which we wanted to, but Protection! also opens a
    few doors for other opportunities.

    Highly, Highly recommend it!

    Unbeatable Price to Feature comparison.
    Nothing can come even close.
    Solid, Fast, Secure, Powerful and Flexible.

    Love it!