Jdon give your J2EE application a complete quality solution:

Transparency´╝Üall framework components are be managed in a xml configure file, you can plug-in or change any components, even frameowork's foundation component.

Scalability: jdon not only supports POJO Service, but also supports EJB service that don't need implements any service interfaces. you can switch between pojo and ejb, only need change the xml configure. jdon can help you give your system scalability.

High-Availability´╝ÜJdon also supplys a fast development way for data crud(create/read/update/delete) and batch query functions. it only need fewer codes, in general, in presentation lay no code , only need configure xml. all implements are based on struts. jdon has itself very simple but powerful JDBC Template.

Performance: Jdon give you a optimized performance, it has cache interceptor for all models, and has pool interceptor for all stateless pojo services. it plug-in cache can improve batch query performance.

Extendable: you can plug in your component in jdon micro container, and extend jdon , make it become your industry components framework.

JPetstore-Jdon is a lightweight J2EE application based Jdon Framework, and it was modified from iBatis JPetstore 4.0.5 .
In Jdon JPetstore, you will find some different points from iBatis JPetstore and other JPetstore,
no more codes, only some codes about Model , others are in configure files(struts-config.xml jdonframework.xml and iBatis's Product.xml ...),
most of functions of JPetstore are implemented by jdon framework's CRUD (create/read/update/delete) and batch query.

Jdon Framework project:

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