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    I am looking for an application that can either convert my html document to pdf or generate a new pdf given some data. The document will have some images as well as tables.

    Can anybody help me with that? I am using Weblogic Application server.

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    Try xml.apache.org. They have a package called "FOP" which will let you do this. The only thing that sucks is that you can't use HTML to format the data. There is a special XSL formatting language used to create, but it doesn't take too long to use. I used it on the last project that I worked on to dynamically generate and display PDF genertated contracts and it worked great.
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    Thanks Jesse,
    Can you give me some tips on how to move? Actually the document I need to convert has lots of tables within tables in the html. Can we define same kind of structure thru XSL?
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    Hi madhu,
    If you have request objects with the data shown in the html document, then i think this package would help. It is a jar file named iText039.jar. It is a freeware and is available in the site http://www.lowagie.com
    It contains of simple api's which can convert text data to

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    I tried it but that does not support nested tables. Do you know how can we make it to work for nested tables
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    We can help. Check out http://www.dynalivery.com
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    Hi Madhu

    Did you find the way to convert html to pdf?

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    Hi Madhu,
         Please let me know if you found the solution for HTML to PDF conversion using Java API.

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    Maybe useful, HTML to PDF: http://www.dancrintea.ro/html-to-pdf/ check page middle for Java example.