[announce] Dear ServerSide community,
This may be of interest to XML/Web services developers working with EDI/XML data integration. A new UN/EDIFACT standards reference is now available on online for free at the EDIFACT zone

The new EDIFACT reference provides detailed information on all EDIFACT constructs, including the following information:

* All versions of EDIFACT and UN/CEFACT files are included, from D93A to D40B.
* Cross references show which tables, elements, segments and messages are available in each version, making it easy to see what has changed.
* Syntax versions 3, 4 and 4.1 are all included.
* Graphical trees of the segments used in a message are available.
* A Javadocs-style view is available.

Using this along with the annotated output of the Stylus Studio native EDI adapter can simplify building EDIFACT applications and diagnosing trouble spots.

The Stylus Studio Team