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    Joe Walker (of DWR) got excited about a tool he found called Microsoft Fiddler. It allows you to see the contents of HTTP requests as well as alter them on the fly using Javascript.

    Read Great web dev tool: Microsoft Fiddler.

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  2. Try also webScarab, wich handles http, https, cascading proxies. It is pure java, released under the GPL, comes with a plugin architecture and many plugins (such as a BeanShell one).
  3. firefox has a great toolbar called Webdeveloper for javascript, but also css, cookies, blocks, resizes etc etc. Don't go out without it.
    firefox also has a pluin which has be used to see http headers
  4. firefox toolbar is a must[ Go to top ]

  5. Others : tamper data ; Charles ..[ Go to top ]

    The Web developper extension won't help you for HTTP debugging. Tamper Data is much more usefull in this way. http://tamperdata.mozdev.org/ Or Live HTTP Headers : http://livehttpheaders.mozdev.org Charles is a ShareWare in Java ($50) http://xk72.com/charles/ worth trying too There are other tools, but generally outdated or specific.