Hello sir
i need some help in EJB
i am using CMR EJB in OC4J server my problem is related to create method called in JSP page

what i am doing is
create the localhome,local remote,remote, home,and bean class and configureed foreign key and primary key mapping in the configuration files.
but in the local interface the getter or setter methods return type is
local inteface type of foreign keys class like:-
CnmasLocal getCnmas_cnmtNo();
void setCnmas_cnmtNo(CnmasLocal cnmas_cnmtNo);

but when i call the create method i cant understand how to use this in the parameter
like :

create(CnmasLocal cnmas);
create(String cnmas);
i cant understand because in the bean class the value will be set in the remote interface so i cant understand what should i do and how shuld i do
if u have any example related to that then pls send me


(vikas sheel gupta)