DBSight releases v1.0.9 Database Search Tool

DBSight has released version 1.0.9 of its J2EE Database Search Tool.

DBSight develivers an off-the-shelf search functionality for quick and easy integration with websites, applications, intranets and portals. DBSight uses the Lucene Search API and incorporates integrated database-crawler, supports for any kind of data structure, including tables, views, and materialized views, and their combinations, supports CLOB/BLOB, supports for any legacy content systems on database, supports indexing and searching content in international languages. All features are controlled from a broswer-based administration console.

Major features:
    Document ranking
    Categorize search results
    Highlight and Summarize search results
    Scheduler to sync with database updates
    RSS and Atom result feeds
    Velocity based easy-to-customize templates
    Search in multiple databases
DBSight is available as a Web Archive(WAR) and can be deployed to most Java Application Servers.

DBSight is available free of charge right now. Online demo is available.