Acelet releases Super 7.0 - J2EE toolkit


News: Acelet releases Super 7.0 - J2EE toolkit

  1. Acelet releases Super 7.0 - J2EE toolkit (1 messages)

    Acelet ( has released Super 7.0, a J2EE toolkit with new module "SuperTracer".

    This version adds the "SuperTracer" for J2EE logging. It is a tracer: a single mouse click brings source code. It is a reader with syntax highlight.

    Other modules that are part of Super 7.0:

    • SuperDashboard - a JMX and MBean console
    • SuperEnvironment - a distributed HashMap and Properties implementation
    • SuperLogging - a logging system
    • SuperPeekPoke - a tool that allows access and changes to properties of running EJBs
    • SuperReport - a reporting tool for data generated by SuperLogging
    • SuperScheduler - a scheduler module
    • SuperStress - a stress tool for EJB containers
    • SuperWatchdog - an event-monitoring package

    A free download Standard license is available.

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