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       I would like to know, how to increase the connection pool timeout. By default, it is set to 30secs. I want to set it as 5mins. How to set this and where to set this property. Please explain with clear details.

       Thanks in advance,

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  2. Hi ,
      If ur using webblogic 5.1 server ..go to the file and go to the connection pool settings part..In the connection pool definition paramteters add shrinkPeriodMins and refreshMinutes for the connection pool time increase/decrease...

    from arunachalam
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    Hi arunachalam ,
    I am not able to establish connection pool in Oracle , Weblogic 5.1. Please help me.. I have tried most of the things. You might have seen my messages in forum. I am using Win NT4.0 W/S.
    If you can , please send me the few lines from and *.java file
    Thank you.