Edge Side Includes in a Struts-Tiles based application


Performance and scalability: Edge Side Includes in a Struts-Tiles based application

  1. Hi all,
     I have a Struts-Tiles based web application, and currently I am caching the urls like (/home.do, /games.do) in cachespec.xml, using a dynamic caching facility for servlets in Websphere 5.1 app server. Here, the caching goes on the App Server.

     But the best practice is to cache the content as close as possible to the end user. So I was wondering if there is any way that Edge Side Includes (ESI) [Websphere Techique] can be used in the application without disturbing the Tiles design for the application,

     Please can anyone shed some light on this.

  2. Vamshi:
      I did some research on this couple of years ago and what I found that you need a provider for ESI ie someone who will host your content closer to the end user. Companies such as akamai do it and you might want to talk to them.

    PS: I dont have any connection to Akamai other than understanding their technology.