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    Big Faceless Organization (BFO) has announced the release of version 2.4.3 of their PDF Library. The PDF Library adds support for XFA forms, Acrobat 7 encryption, PDF417 and QR Code barcodes.

    QR Code or Quick Response Code is a two-dimensional bar code containing detailed information that can be decoded at high speed by hand held scanners and cellular phones with built in cameras. Initially used for manufacturing and logistics to track parts, QR Codes can now be found in a wide variety of industries. More recently, QR Codes are being used by savvy marketing companies on business cards, magazines and documents to include website addresses and details of current promotions.

    Users of BFO's powerful PDF Library will be able to create QR Codes for all their documents allowing them to take full advantage of this growth technology. The library now includes full support for encoding Kanji, Kana and English.

    About BFO: Founded in 1998, Big Faceless Organization builds robust Java components including the Big Faceless Report Generator, PDF Library and Graph Library. Headquartered in the UK, BFO currently distributes to over 50 countries. The client portfolio includes global giants AT&T, JPMorgan, Hitachi, Toyota, Siemens, DHL, Athens 2004, KPMG, T-Mobile and Boeing.
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    Nice new features.

    but one feature that i will love is timestamp. A timestamped PDF to prove that was signed one that hour :)

    But great software
  3. IText can do the same things AND it's free