regarding my question
i am not clear how to use two bean one has foreign key and another has primary key in the client side
for that i make two beans and make cmr relationship between them fine
but when i call another bean in the client side i have to use findByPrimaryKey method to map the beans

Cnmas cnn = cnhome.findByPrimaryKey(dpwb_no);

now my problem is i have multiple records corresponding to the dpwb_no which is my primary key
so for that should i use the iterator method
and if i will not use then i am using local as well as remote home interfaces so in that case my code will be:-

in the local interface:-
public DodAuthorisationLocal findByPrimaryKey(String authorisationNo) throws FinderException;
in the remote interface:-

public DodAuthorisation findByPrimaryKey(String authorisationNo) throws RemoteException, FinderException;

now my problem is that client will interact with local interface and we are makeing remote's home interface.
because i have to use that values in the create method as parameter
the create method has local interface's value as parameter and we are calling remote interface so tell me how to solve it

CnmasHome cnhome = (CnmasHome)PortableRemoteObject.narrow(ctx.lookup("Cnmas"), CnmasHome.class);
Cnmas cnn = cnhome.findByPrimaryKey(dpwb_no);

in this code we use the remote interface
this is my create method which i try to call
public DodAuthorisation create(CnmasLocal cnn ) with more parameter

so how to interact the local interface in the create method with the remotehome refrence with the findByPrimaryKey method.

Now i think u can able to understand my problem
thanks alot