Configuring Datasources for WAS4.0.6 on solaris


EJB design: Configuring Datasources for WAS4.0.6 on solaris

  1. hi all,
    I am tyring to setup an web application on WAS 4.0.6 on solaris server ,But i keep getting an error message saying database alias not found ,even though the database alias exists on the system.i have tested the connection to the databases and there seems to be no problem with the password or the username.can anyone help with this??could this be a problem a user access problem??


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    First, could you tell us what type of DB you are trying to connect to? DB2? Oracle? etc, etc. I would imagine from your error you are probably using DB2, and that this error is coming from the driver. What this usually means in DB2 land is that the DB2 client is misconfigured. Also, please post the driver you are using.