Since 1998, DataDirect has hosted annual educational seminars for developers, development managers, and architects concerned about the flexibility, performance, and reliability their software's data connectivity layer.
Once again, DataDirect Design Previews are back providing technical events geared towards technical professionals and facilitated by the industry’s top experts on data connectivity. In these half day sessions we will cover the latest information on JDBC, XQuery, ADO.NET and more.

Attendees will gain with a broad understanding of the latest developments in important data access standards such as ODBC, ADO.NET, XQuery and JDBC. In addition, DataDirect will be sharing its significant experience on performance optimization and providing a fresh insight into the up and coming open source databases and what this means for application developers.

This year’s design preview schedule is:

Wednesday, Sept 14 – Durham
Tuesday, Sept 20 – Washington, DC
Wednesday, Sept 21 – New York
Thursday, Sept 22 – Boston
Wednesday, Sept 28 – Santa Clara, CA
Thursday, Sept 29 - Irvine, CA

These events are free of charge. Read the full agenda and register at: