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    Iam new to EJB.

    I wrote one Hello world programme for EJB.I made a jar file.

    Now where i have to put this jar file in weblogic and what about my deployment descriptor ..if in xml.

    please suggest me an idea


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    Wht's the version of weblogic..?
    If it's 5.1.. Look for the examples and u find build.cmd for each examples.. open it and u will find wht to do..

    After u creating jar file u have to run weblogic.ejbc which will create a jar file with stubs and skeletons and u can deploy this jar file.

    Regd xml files u can get a sample from the examples..

    U wil get all explanations from weblogic documents..

    All the best

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    Hi charan,

    I want to use weblogic 6.0
    Just consider iam having a Hello World program using bean.

    Please give me the directory structrue where i can put my files and how i can i compile.


    Syed Imthias Basha
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    U can create u'r own folder anywhere in weblogic6.0 directory.. and place u'r codes there.. and donn't forget to make it as a package..
    For example create a folder in samples directory as below:

    samples\com\syed\test\ and give the package name as com.syed.test.. Use the build provided in the samples and build u'r bean.. which will automatically put the class and jar files in the respective directories..

    If u'r using the examples server then u can use the build as it is..else if u r using domain server than u need to create some directories in config\myDomain directory as of in examples directory in config..

    If u directed u'r class and jar files to examples server tehn start the examples server.. where the beans get deployed automatically.. u can check either in config.xml or by adminconsole..

    Read the document clearly.. there the above things r clearly mentioned..

    All the best