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EJB programming & troubleshooting: Websphere and BEA WebLogic from the same client

  1. Websphere and BEA WebLogic from the same client (2 messages)

    Suppose that you needed to connect a single client application to two application servers BEA WebLogic Server 6 and IBM WebSphere Application Server (Insert latest version here) from the same client application.

    Would you get problems due to:

    Different classes in the javax.ejb.* package (or similar issues)
    Different JVM requirements
    Any other things I haven't thought of yet

    If you would, any ideas on how you might solve such conflicts. Perhaps one application server connecting to the other instead of the client connecting to both or some other kind of config??

    Anyone ever tried to do this?
  2. I've never tried what you are describing, but it would be an interesting experiment.

    First, I don't think you will get class versioning problems from any of the javax packages. The client would have those locally on the system and wouldn't download them from the server, so there shouldn't be any problems.

    You could run into JVM issues. WebLogic, for instance, requires a 1.2.X or 1.3 client JVM. WebSphere works with 1.1.X and 1.2.X.

    If your clients are accessing JSPs directly, you will have different classes that iwll have to be loaded as part of an InitialContext instantiation. But, since the implementation class is passed as a string reference, I don't think it will be too much of a problem.

    You should generally be ok.

  3. Hmmm. I was thinking that there could be a problem due to the BEA specific RMI implementation. I hadn't thought about the initial context issue but this could also be problematic.

    Anyone got any other theories?