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    please recommand some good way to do the retrieve a big list from database is vary slow. what's the best way to return only reqired subset of list for every page.I don't want to do this in database tier since I don't want to introduce column for identify the rows for page such as rownumber.
    I know in Oracle there is rownum, but this is a vendor specified feature.
    is there any other generic way to do this?
    if I'm using HQL with hibernate, is there any way to handler it?

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    I was having s similar requirements for implemeting Paging, column based sorting etc in a struts application and I came across this -

    You may try this, its extremely easy to use and is a big help in providing pagination in JSP's.

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    int start=(pageNog-1)*page_size;
    int rowNum=page_size;
    offices = query.list()
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    Thank you.
    I think using this way, the habernate still need to retrieve database for all result set and convert part of result set into list.
    what I like is to reitrieve only part of result from database to save retrieveing time since we have very big result set

    thank you