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  1. Ted Neward: "When do you use XML, again?" (3 messages)

    Ted Neward, in "When do you use XML, again?," revisits an old blog entry of his that asks the question of when one should use XML - and offers a revised answer consisting of "when your data is hierarchical already, when exchange with foreign platforms is required, and when preexisting tool support is necessary."

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  2. I have a much simpler rule[ Go to top ]

    Don't use XML unless your data contains mixed content. The hierarchical rule is good to (I guess I just assumed that...).
  3. YAML[ Go to top ]

    The good alternative is YAML (http://yaml.org/). The current drawback is lack of up-to-date Java parser, but is a field to work.
  4. YAML -- Yet Another Markup Language[ Go to top ]

    YAML. It is like reinventing the wheel again, comming up with another set of parsers, transformation techniques, query languages to be built on the top of it, etc etc ...