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  1. We wanted to connect to a servlet from a Java program (client) and have a facility to timeout the client if the Servlet did not respond for a while. We are using Weblogic 6.1. We saw the API of and saw that there was a way to timeOut the client. So we used it.

    Now, we get Response: '500: Internal Server Error' when we try to connect. The problem is intermittent and does not happen always.

    Here is the stackTrace Response: '500: Internal Server Error' for url: 'http://URL/project/MyServlet'
            at csr.comp.sess.processcsr.CSRSessImpl.getParsedCSRFromLEC(

    Please let us what could be going wrong here. Any assistance is appreciated.
  2. Please check whether the required jar/class file is in classpath.