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    Hi ,
      I am using html:multibox tag in Struts and having problems retrieving the value in the Action class when there is only one check box in the page . It is working fine when there is more that one checkbox .

    Let me know if anybody has faced this problem and the solution to this .

  2. override reset() in ActionForm[ Go to top ]

    override reset() in ActionForm. Since the browser will never signal that a box has been un-checked, the only solution is to reset all the boxes, and then check the ones that are now present in the request.
  3. Hi,

    Did you get rid of this issue. I am facing the same problem and need some input to fix this issue.

    Whenever there is a single multibox in the page, the selection does not gives the value. The property value is undefined state.


    I would really appreciate for any input.