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    Hello all,

    I consider using JSF for a web application instead of servlets.
    However, an important demand is that a certain page refreshes itself after a certain interval, thus always displaying the most up-to-date information.

    With Servlets I implement an automatic refresh every 5 Minutes as follows:

    res.setHeader("Refresh", "300");

    This is possible because in the relevant page the URL contains the parameters because Http GET is used.
    I read that with JSF POST is the intrinsic way to submit data.
    Now I cannot really imagine if such an refresh is possible with JSF.
    A short feedback to my question would be great.

    Best regards

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  2. Refreshing in JSF[ Go to top ]

    This totally depends on the delivery technology you use for your JSF. If you're using JSP, then you could simply put a META Refresh tag in your JSP.
  3. POST data resent by refresh-tag?[ Go to top ]

    Tom, thanks for your answer.
    Yes, JSP will be the presentation layer.
    However, my experience with refreshing a site that received POST parameters is the following:

    Pressing F5/Refresh-Button I'm asked if I want to resend the POST data again, I agree and the page is refreshed. Fine.
    Adding the refresh-Tag to the site does *not* resend the POST data that was submitted to this site.
    I heard of the PRG (Post-Redirect-Get) pattern. Maybe that is applicable to my case.

    Best regards