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    Hi guys,

    I am a .net/LAMP developer and new to Java development. I am going to start my first Java project which will be a web app using the following stuff

    1. JSF (may be MyFaces, not yet decided)
    2. Spring
    3. Hibernate
    4. Ant
    5. JUnit
    6. Log4J
    7. Tomcat
    8. AJAX

    The IDE will be Eclipse. I am now looking for plugins (either Free or not) for the above stuff. What plugins do you guys recommend?



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  2. I personally use MyEclipseIDE for the past few years and found it extremely useful. It is not free but relatively cheap (27 USD per year).

    Alternatively, eclipse is developing its very own Eclipse Web Tools Platform project but it is still not a production release yet.

    There was another free one (Lomboz if i recall correctly) but i personally didn't use it so can say nothing about it.
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    personally, i think eclipse's own web tools platform ( is already very stable, not to mention it's FREE and it supports JSF, Ant, tomcat console, jsp, jstl, xml, and many more, and i consider a combination of eclipse 3.1 and webtools platform 0.7 is less resource-hungry than myeclipse... and to save you from installing and configuring the plugins one by one, you can just download this file and extract it:
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    Thanks for the input. I will give it a shot.


    Seems there is no JSF support at the moment.

    The JavaServer Faces (JSF) Tools project Creation Review was held on 2005-08-26 and approved. This project will begin as an incubator and then become a component of the JST subproject. We expect JSF tools to be part of the WTP 1.5 release which is planned for a June 2006 GA.
  5. I find the Exadelstudio ( pretty usefull. It has the best jsp editor I've seen so far and also has support for Spring. There is a pro but also a free version.