In a recent poll, Methods & Tools was trying to determine if the software developers have automated tools to validate the behaviour of their software. The question was: do you use tools to automate execution of functional software tests?

Here are the answers:
My organisation has no tool for functional software tests...........38%
My organisation has tools, but my project or I do not use them......26%
I use tools for functional tests....................................36%

Participants: 147

In these results, you can see either a half-full or a half-empty glass. A majority of organisations have functional test tools, but a majority of the respondents do not use them. There are many good reasons for this, like the fact that these tools could be restricted to a specific environment within the organisation and that the respondents are developing software in a different context. In my experience, the problem is also often that managers had the budget to buy the tools, but did not take into consideration the budget and time needed to train people to the new tools and use them in real projects.

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