When I try to bookmark a thread I get the following error:

"Unable to invoke method bookmarkThread on portal.components.ThreadViewer$Enhance_297@1c80fb9[NewsThread/threadViewer]: java.rmi.ServerException: RuntimeException; nested exception is: kodo.util.UserException: An object of type "com.tmc.jdo.dto.UserMetaDataImpl" with oid "favorite_threads::226843::null" already exists in this PersistenceManager; another cannot be persisted.[com.tmc.jdo.dto.UserMetaDataImpl@166cc1f]
You may return to the TheServerSide.com home page."

Is there a general problem with this currently or am I the only one affected?

BTW: when I tried to e-mail this to info at theserverside dot com I got this error:

"Your document: Problem with bookmarkinh threads
was not delivered to: info at theserverside dot com
because: 550 <info at theserverside dot com>: User unknown in relay recipient table