With the resent upgrade from 4.5 to IDEA 5 I started experiencing severe performance problems with JSP editing for JSPs more than 300 lines. Literally any change takes 3-6 seconds on my HT 3GHz, 2GB ram machine, so eventually I started wondering how smart do I want IDE to be if I have to start trading off my productivity. The problem seems to effect JSPs only because java editing works just fine.

This type of performance deterioration is certainly not specific just to IDEA, but seems to plague many originally great software products which tried to introduce more and more features to keep the leadership position. For example, in my opinion TogetherJ versions 3.0 and 4.0 provided the best feature/performance ratio which plummeted with later versions.

Do you have problems with JSPs in IDEA 5? I turned off all the parsing for JSPs but it’s still excruciatingly slow…