DataDirect releases XQuery 1.0


News: DataDirect releases XQuery 1.0

  1. DataDirect releases XQuery 1.0 (1 messages)

    DataDirect Technologies has released DataDirect XQuery 1.0. DataDirect XQuery is an embeddable XQuery implementation for XML applications that need to process both XML and relational data sources.

    DataDirect XQuery supports all major relational databases, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, IBM DB2, and Sybase, on any Java platform, allowing developers to query XML, relational databases, or a combination of the two. Query results can be used for XML-based data exchange, XML-driven Web sites, and other applications that require or
    leverage the power of XML. DataDirect XQuery provides IT professionals with a productive, powerful, simple, and standards-based approach to XML and relational data integration.

    A free trial download of the product is available.
  2. OT: Third party oracle drivers[ Go to top ]

    (Take #4) Does anyone out there know of good comparison/analysis of third party JDBC drivers to connect to Oracle 9i/10g? We are encountering significant performance problems (app server crashing on connection pooling) with the oracle drivers (ojdbc14 from both 9i and 10g; amazingly 8.1.7 works, but is unsupported). Anyone have experience with other drivers? I am aware of DataDirect and i-net software; we want to stay "thin" and avoid OCI driver.