SPRING AND JSF is it a good combination?


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  1. SPRING AND JSF is it a good combination? (2 messages)

    Hai reader

    I am new to this javaworld and i am trying to integrate JSF
    and springframework to create a good webapplication.I want all u r guidance whether i can proceed with this combination.

    Aniesh U.K
  2. It's easy :
    - Spring = Hype
    - JSF = Hype
    => Sring + JSF = super Hype

    So it is a damn good thing.

    Seriously, Spring is a must, so whatever option you choose, spring must be part of the equation. Then, concerning JSF, it depends on your needs.. Lots of people seem to find it a little too complex, so I guess that it depends on your needs..

    I personally think that the JEE world is becoming way too messy. Just by browsing Apache website, you find at least 10 or 15 projects that allow you to do presentation/mvc/web-tier/template/...etc..

    The latest hype stuff I heard about was Apache Beehive, it's supposed to be the latest thing that allows you to boost your productivity...

    Then I wonder what Spring + Beehive makes ;)
  3. If you are a little nervous about JSF being too complicated or that it needs an IDE to be usable, you might want to check out an old blog post of mine which explains exactly what is needed to build a very simple JSF app.. Outside of the context of an IDE.


    Later once you see all the moving parts of a JSF app, you can look at the various IDEs and see what they offer...
    Oracle JDeveloper, Sun Creator Studio, IBM, Exadel all offer productive JSF dev environments.

    Once you understand JSF, plugging into Spring is definitely doable since JSF is just Java..

    Hope this helps..