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News: Quartz 1.5.0 Released

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    The OpenSymphony group is proud to announce the release of Quartz Enterprise Job Scheduler version 1.5.0. This release contains several new features and changes, as well as a good number of bug fixes. We've also completed the first phase of a significant rework of Quartz's documentation.

        * Quartz: http://www.opensymphony.com/quartz
        * Release notes and changes: http://wiki.opensymphony.com/display/QRTZ1/Quartz+1.5.0
        * Documentation: http://www.opensymphony.com/quartz/wikidocs/Documentation.html
        * Download: http://www.opensymphony.com/quartz/download.action

    Many, many thanks to the several contributors that helped make this release happen!

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  2. Great![ Go to top ]

    I have enjoyed Quartz v1.4.5 for 2 month. It's realy a great Enterprise Timing Control system.
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    I've also been using quartz 1.4 for a year and it always
      worked great. At first found some problems using
      JobStoreCMT in JBoss and had to use RAMJobStore which
      is right for me.