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    Currently we use jWebUnit for our testing purposes but it's
    based on HttpUnit, which seems to be dead (last release was
    2004, if I'm not mistaking) + we got a number of serious problems
    with it. So now I'm looking for a possible replacement.

    Recently I saw the announce of a tool "actiWATE" on TheServerSide. I
    just wanted to ask the forum members, whether someone has already
    heard of it and possibly tried it out? Have you got any problems
    with it?

    Maybe you could advise me on whether there are any other

    I would be grateful for any comments and help!


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  2. Apache Cactus[ Go to top ]

    I believe Apache Cactus can do some web app testing. But perhaps I'm wrong. Check it out:
  3. httpunit problems[ Go to top ]

    I used httpunit a bit and solved a few problems it has. Could you let me know yours? I might have the solutions.

    httpunit is still better than htmlunit, that's my evaluation.
  4. Re: httpunit problems[ Go to top ]

    How to get control of windows dialog box? I'm writing some httpunit code that traverses a website, and upon clicking a link, a windows prompt box is displayed with a question and yes/no options. How do I gain control of this dialog? I need to click yes here to continue. I tried implementing DialogResponder, but I don't seem to be getting any call backs to DialogResponder's methods getConfirmation() or getUserResponse(). I also tried implementing WebWindowListener, but to no avail. I made sure to associate the DialogResonder and WebWindowListener with my WebConversation by calling WebConversation.setDialogResponder() and WebConversation.addWindowListener(), but alas to no avail. I think that it's not working b/c the javascript prompt() function is never being called. There must be some other mechanism that is causing this prompt box. Thanks, Karim Varela