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    Firstly, I apologize for my english.

    Well i'm trying to work with an database model design which let me obtain the number or rows and columns of some jsp's forms that users must fill to regenerate them each time the user does login. This way i don't have to redesign the html code from the jsp page. E.g. the first time the form has a First Name textbox and also a Female/Male checkbox,etc... but maybe tomorrow i'll need to add a new textbox for introducing the age.

    I'm sure this is not a good approach for database modelling because the data of the bussiness logic objects
    is stored with "parts" of the presentation layer and that should be independent in a MVC, but if i don't have to touch the html code every time, so i obtain flexibility for the future.

    The question is: am i doing right? is there any approach for doing that correctly?

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    If I understand correctly you want to have a JSP page updated directly when you update the structure of your database?

    Dynamically generated UIs based on db schemas do exist at least with Oracle..

    One is HTMLDB.. however it does not use JSP for the presentation layer - It's basically generated PL/SQL.

    The other is JHeadstart which is still very new. It comes from Oracle Consulting in The NEtherlands.. It can generate an ADF JSP, UIX (And in the near future ADF Faces) UIs based on the database structure, and middle-tier logic.

    You would need to check it to see if it really fits your needs.