Skills Matter and SolarMetric are pleased to invite you to a free seminar on EJB 3 Persistence, which will take place in London on October 6th.

EJB 3 expert group member and Bitter EJB author Patrick Linskey will introduce the audience to the EJB 3 Persistence specification.

Presentation: What's new in EJB3?
Speaker: Patrick Linskey, Solarmetric
Date: October 6th
Time: 10:00 - 12:30
Location:Skills Matter, 8 Grafton Street. London, W1S 4EL.
Information: For more information or to register, go to

Patrick will provide background on where EJB 3 Persistence came from and how it meets the goal of making EJB simpler. Patrick will then go through the details of the EJB 3 persistence specification with lots of code examples. By the end of the session, the audience should have a firm grasp on the basics of EJB 3 persistence including annotations for representing mappings and EJB QL, the benefits of using a POJO persistence model like EJB 3, and how to use EJB3 Persistence both when deploying to an appserver and in a J2SE application.