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    Dion Almaer, with "What's Wrong With Ajax?," revisits some of the problems facing Ajax developers, saying "We need to find our way with Ajax applications. Let's not just port over to the web way, with a poorer version due to the limitations. Rather we need to embrace the differences and do as Paul says. Do things that suit the web better."

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  2. Hi;

    Well I believe Ajax can be a boon in developing Corporate Intranet systems, where the Web Browser is standardized, and Developers can concentrate more on Delivering rich GUI experience to the users without much pains related to CorssBrowser scripting etc.

    Though I never worked on Ajax, we developed and implemented an Xmlhttp based web application meant for a large volume intranet application, and the power it provides in providing almost desktop like capabilities for the end user is unmatchable.

    For an internet site , where there are many browsers available, Ajax is a bit on the scary side;)

  3. AJAX not mature jet[ Go to top ]

    The AJAX hypo is far reached,



    One has really to think about using JavaScript for non-trivial stuff.