How to generate WSDL for a JAXMServlet web service?


XML & Web services: How to generate WSDL for a JAXMServlet web service?

  1. How to generate WSDL for a JAXMServlet web service? (2 messages)

    I wrote a JAXMServlet that listens for incoming SOAP message. Now a .net client wants to access this web service and I need to generate a WSDL file for them. How to do that? Is it even possible for a .net client to access JAXMServlet?
      A Related question: can we create a servlet and expose it as a web service? It doesn't seem to make lot of sense to me, becasue servlet has fixed methods: service, init(), doPost(), doGet(). How do you create custom operation within a servlet and expose it as an web service?
  2. Basically you need a web services development environment setup. There are tools available such as Weblogic workshop. At a minimum you need to download the web services developer pack.

    When it comes to exposing methods, I do not recommend directly exposing methods of servlets directly. Create services and invoke them from servlets as well as exposing it to the Web service.

    If you need more info on web services refer to
  3. I just found out that Oracle Server also uses a servlet to
    route all the web service request to the requested service class. It has its tools to generate wsdl and client proxy class. Does that mean I need to implement all these mechnisms for my own servlet and the services my servlet can route to? Because we're using Weblogic, not Oracle application server. And Weblogic doesn't use servlet to route web service request. If I have to reinvent to wheel, I don't know what's the point. Am I over-complicating the problem?