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    Hi everyone...

    I was looking for the best solution to implement medium-size enterprise system. The system will be consist of 3 layers - server layer, thin-web-client layer (using Java Server Faces), thick-client layer (using C# and remoting). I've a problem with server layer - I don't know which technology to choose - EJB or something else. I want scalable and efficent solution. I also want to create system in a not so long time. Is there any production ready solution which will be better than EJB ?


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  2. I'd personally recommend Spring for the server layer.

    then you can start real simple with POJOs and then get as complex or sophisticated as you like using interceptors & Spring Remoting.

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    Hi James, first of all thanks for reply. But I have a significant question: Does and why Spring is better than EJB?
  4. depends on the situation.[ Go to top ]

    you really don't need EJB %80 of the time,espcially for a mid size app.

    Spring supports Transaction manamagment just like a a full blown J2EE app server would..ive developed a large application in J2EE(EJBs/Jboss) and if i was to do it all over i would have used Spring/Hibernate.

    type: Spring vs. EJB in google.

    Jeryl Cook