Has anyone ever tried to deploy the sample from Chapter 17 of Matering EJB 2nd Edition to any application server other than WebLogic?
I tried to launch it under JBoss 3.2.3 and had very much fun... Starting from differences in syntax of <multiplicity> tag in ebj-jar.xml (JBoss requires it to be case-sensitive while WebLogic possible does not) ending the fact that every lookup() in the source is made for "...Home" JNDI name while <ejb-name> tags for all beans announce them without ~Home suffix. For instance, there is a UserManager session bean that is looked up like UserManagerHome. May be such things do work under WebLogic but JBoss doesn't want to understand them.
I spent all the last Saturday on fruitless efforts to made it work. Every little step forward I made led to another challenge and finally I gave it up.
Maybe someone has already ported the sample or knows the secret place where more portable version may be dug out.