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    Hi everybody,
    I have read interesting article "Move over Ruby on Rails, Java can be concise too" - http://www.theserverside.com/news/thread.tss?thread_id=32723#163395.

    "Ruby on rails" (RoR) seems as very interesting framework and people often claims that it's better than J2EE (at least in mentioned article). I'm not so big specialist in J2EE but it's clear that RoR can make some things easier and nicer (I don't have my own experience, I have information from articles only...).

    I would like to compare these two frameworks (technologies) in practise so I'm interested in finding corresponding framework or composition of frameworks in Java which could replace RoR.

    Could anyone help me? Or are there any reliable comparisons?
  2. Just my two cents worth:

    The main problem I've had with Java is simply knowing where to start. When beginning a new project it's hard to choose from the many competing technologies out there. And even harder, IMHO, to know how best to tie these together in an easy use/automated fashion.

    Becoming disillusioned I bought the excellent Agile'RoR book and was hooked straight away. RoR really is a great little framework, overcoming the main problems I had with Java - it's complexity.

    BUT: I believe learning RoR has actually made me a better Java developer. It's shown me how a Java project should be - giving me focus in a complex world - and more importantly has made Java programming fun again.

    This was simply achieved by answering the question:

    "What would 'Java on Rails' look like?"

    The following techologies helped get me started:

    ant (if u read one book this year, read Hanning)
    junit (test, test, test)
    xdoclet conventions (configuration file generation)
    hibernate & xdoclet (automated o/r mapping)
    hibernate 3.0 (automated schema generation for test db)
    hibernate & HSQL (in-memory test database)
    mysql (development and production database)

    ... i'm now looking at struts (with a little xdoclet help with the configuration) to see if it will enable me to complete my quest!