Is JAVA a Languae ?? "There are no dumb questions"


General J2EE: Is JAVA a Languae ?? "There are no dumb questions"

  1. I was having this discussion with one of my friend and he said that JAVA is a specification. and jdk is the implementation of this specification. and together these two makes us achieve the language like experience. I agree to this point that yes with jdk we are able to do whatever wew can do with JAVA.

    But my argument is if JAVA is a specification what is C or C++ are those specifications as well?? What is the difference then between JAVA and English ... is English a language or is it also a specification ??

    To me JAVA is a language it helps us communicate with the computer JDK is a tool that translates what we say to what computer understands.

    But am I right or JAVA is a specification ??? J2EE is called specification is in the same manner JAVA a specification ?

    These are confusing thoughts in my mind ... please share your views on this ....

    Tarun Chandel
  2. As far as discussion on Java is concerned, I believe that Java is a language as well as a specification. Why??

    Java is a specification because it lays certain standards which a vendor who is implementing jdk must comply.

    Java is a language because it has all the features of a programming language that allows you to write a program in Java.

    As far as J2EE is concerned, it is a specification for building J2EE compliant applications and J2EE compliant app servers.

    Java is a subset of J2EE.